International Association of Linguistics Students

IALS : [aɪlz] : no student is an island.

Words and Mouths

London Language

Word about IALS is already getting spread independently of our own promotion.

This week, London Language, a blog run by English Language staff and students at Middlesex University (London, UK) heard about IALS through a colleague and blogged about us.


London Language can be found in our blog roll. For more information about Middlesex University see their website.

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Planning Time!

Hello everyone!

/aɪlz/ is kicking off to a good start, so far. We’ve gotten a few more features since first going public, so I’m going to list them here. After that list, there’s an announcement about a planning meeting happening at Edinburgh, Scotland this week, to start seeing if we can get more people on board.

New things:

  • We have a mailing list. To sign up, click here. This will be used for official announcements only, and is going to be posted by the committee of IALS. Don’t worry, we won’t send out too many.
  • We have a discussion list. To sign up, click here. This is open to everyone! Essentially, if you send an email to this list, it’ll go out to everyone on the list. It is hoped that you’ll all join, and start talking. I’d highly suggest filtering the emails from here into a folder (if you use Gmail), as it might become quite heavily used. This is for things like “What is a morpheme” and missives of that type. Feel free to use it! We’re here to foster community, after all, and this is the main way we have currently to do that.
  • ULAB also has a mailing list and a discussion group – these are for the UK node of IALS. If you’re from the UK, go along to the ULAB home to see more and sign up.
  • Finally, IALS is going to be hosting it’s first conference, through ULAB, this March, on the 26-7th, in Edinburgh. We’re still working on the details. If you’re in the UK, plan on coming! If you’re outside of the UK, why not set up your own? Get in contact with us and we’ll help you with the planning.

Finally, we’re having a meeting later this week, in Edinburgh (again). The details are Wednesday, 1:30pm, in the Teviot Balcony Room. I’m hoping to showcase IALS and ULAB to student members here, from where we’ll start contact your departments, telling them about us. If you want to be involved but can’t make it, please send us an email at linguistic.students at gmail. We’ll look forward to hearing from you!

Hello world!

We’re up and running. If you’re here before time, watch this space!

I highly suggest signing up for the Mailing List.

We’ll be having a meeting in Edinburgh, soon, to talk about this. You’ll be free to join us if you’re not here by signing on to the IRC. The server is Freenode, the room #ials. If no one is in, send an email our way. Here’s our current information.


The International Association of Linguistics Students, otherwise known as IALS or /aɪlz/, is the only international body made for undergraduate Linguistic students by Linguistic students (although post-graduates are welcome to join, of course). We are run entirely by student volunteers, and have several obejctives:

  • To provide a forum for a linguistics students’ community.
  • To be a central hub for national and university student associations.
  • To bridge the gap between academic societies, universities, and students.
  • To maintain a mailing list for discussion of linguistics.

We are currently in our babbling stage, but hope to be up and running fully soon. The founding members currently come from the University of Edinburgh, and are affiliated with the Edinburgh University Linguistics and English Language Society.

We are always open to new members, and currently charge no fee for joining. If you would like to join or help with our growth, please get in contact by sending an email to linguistics dot students at gmail dot com, or leave a comment here!